Force kill the freeze programs

When a program hangs what do you do? Usually you right click on task bar and open Task Manager. Select the hung programs (that shows “Not Responding”) and click on “End Task”. I have got a better idea, use taskkill.exe tool (in-built tool with XP Pro, Vista and up). Create a batch file (see the instructions below) and running this batch file we can force kill the “Not Responding” programs.

Note: You have to make a Icon on Desktop or on Dock by yourself with the batch file below.

  • Right click on the desktop. From the menu hover over New and click on Text Document.
  • Name it “Kill-the-Zombies.bat” make sure there is no .txt at the end of the file.
  • Hit “Yes” in the dialog box that asks you do you want to change the extension.
  • Right click and select edit. This will open a blank notepad.
  • Type the following lines:

@echo off
taskkill.exe /f /fi “status eq not responding”

    .csharpcode, .csharpcode pre


    font-size: small;

    color: black;

    font-family: consolas, “Courier New”, courier, monospace;

    background-color: #ffffff;

    /*white-space: pre;*/


    .csharpcode pre { margin: 0em; }

    .csharpcode .rem { color: #008000; }

    .csharpcode .kwrd { color: #0000ff; }

    .csharpcode .str { color: #006080; }

    .csharpcode .op { color: #0000c0; }

    .csharpcode .preproc { color: #cc6633; }

    .csharpcode .asp { background-color: #ffff00; }

    .csharpcode .html { color: #800000; }

    .csharpcode .attr { color: #ff0000; }

    .csharpcode .alt


    background-color: #f4f4f4;

    width: 100%;

    margin: 0em;


    .csharpcode .lnum { color: #606060; }

  • Save it. File -> Save and close notepad.
  • Now any time a program freezes just double click Kill-the-Zombies.bat. In fact this will kill all programs that are not responding.