Run programs with elevated permissions

You may have to launch few programs with elevated permissions as Administrator. E.g., if you want edit hosts file, you should open up the Notepad as Administrator before you open the Hosts file.

You already may  have figured out how to run programs as Administrator. Right click on the program (e.g., Notepad) and select “Run as administrator” option.


Well it works. What if you known a keyboard short cut. Then you will be one of the elite user. Here it is,

Press Control+Shift while left click the application icon.

Windows 7: Window management by short-cut keys (with Multi-Monitor in mind)

You have to use the following short cut keys to appreciate the usefulness.  You can manipulate your current Window with following key storks without touching your mouse.

  • Win+Left Arrow and Win+Right Arrow  is dock left or right
  • Win+Up Arrow and Win+Down Arrow maximizes and restores / minimizes;
  • Win+Shift+Up Arrow and Win+Shift+Down Arrow maximizes and restores the vertical size
  • Win+Home to minimize all the in-active background windows (except the one you are working on)
  • Win+1, Win+2, etc., to open the corresponding program in your task bar (running programs)
  • Win+Space – Aero Peek

    Now if you have multiple monitors, try this:

  • Win+Shift+Left Arrow and Win+Shift+Right Arrow to move windows from one monitor to another – keeping them in the same relative location to the monitor’s top-left origin

    Try it once, you will get used to it right away.

  • Windows 7: Connect your Laptop to Projector or second monitor

    I have to see users struggle to connect to their laptops to the projector. Most laptop vendors provide a hotkey (e.g., Function + F8 is to switch between laptop screen and projector) and it mostly works. When it doesn’t work, user usually lost.

    In Windows 7, I would say press Windows ÿ key + P. You get the following choices. Select the one that works for you. It’s that easy.