Usable light-weight eye-candy Screensaver

I like SE-Screensavers and using it every day. Their product description says,

Enjoy animated slideshow or 3D photo album, fractals or matrix rain, dancing amoebas or kaleidoscope animation, fly over 3D surfaces, watch clock with calendar or growing forest with snowflakes. SE-ScreenSavers helps you relax and get away from everyday routine.

Sample screen saver pictures as below. If you like it download it here: SE-Screensavers or click on any image below.

image image image image



Windows 7: Avatar

On my previous post, I showed how to change the logon screen. Say You found a cool picture for your logon screen. Now It won’t be complete till you have matching User Account Picture. It’s easy to change.

  1. Click Start Orb button (or Windows key).
  2. Start typing “User Accounts” and select User accounts from the search results.
  3. Click the link on the top “Change your picture


Remember in Windows 7 it also works for Domain User account as well. It would also be cool, choose a nice picture of yourself and have it as User account picture.

Where this user account picture is used? It will show up in Logon Screen and Windows Start Menu.

Where to find other great Avatar pictures? I would search internet for “avatar” pictures.

Windows 7: Have a pretty cool Logon Screen

Since Windows 7 beta days, I know I could change the logon screen very easily with registry hacks. See HERE.

After Logon UI Customization

Now there are easier ways. Our beloved developers made a GUI based Logon screen changer. Since then I change my logon screen whenever I found a cool picture.

Get this little utility (HERE) and change your logon screen to match your style.

Great Tip: You could have same picture for logon screen and your wallpaper and have a unique style experience.