Windows 7: Your own Wallpapers to display in specified intervals

I like to change my wallpaper every 15 minutes on my computer. I have blogged about Wallpaper Master (freeware) for XP and Vista computers.

Now in Windows 7, you can choose group of pictures which will be applied as Wallpaper for every specified minutes. Default is 30 minutes. Imagine you may group your last vacation photos as, say, vacation wallpaper group. Interested, follow me I will show you how in Windows 7.

1. Right click on desktop and select Personalize.


2. Click on Desktop Background icon. Notice you may select a themes right here. I am expecting custom themes from enthusiasts.


3. Click Browse button and select the folder which has your photos or pictures.


4.  Check out the options below for Picture Position and Change Picture every X minutes. Click Save changes button. And That’s it.



I have 2 GB worth of collected wallpapers which I set to rotate in every 1 minute. Man! I Love my desktop.

Windows 7: Middle Click to open new program instance on Task bar

In Windows 7 desktop, there is no quick launch. Instead we get a default program list in big Icons (e.g., Internet Explorer, Windows File Explorer). It’s cool feature that you can add your own mostly used programs like quick launch.

When you try to open second instance the already opened program by clicking on the icon the task bar, it opens the running instance. 

Simply Middle click on the icon the taskbar (any icon), it will open a new instance of the same program. 🙂


Windows 7: System Configuration (formally called MSConfig)

What can you do with System Configuration tool in Windows 7 (and MSConfig in Vista and XP)? Many things.. First how to open the application in Windows 7, Vista and XP. I covered MSConfig for controlling startup programs HERE.

In Windows 7, Click on Windows Orb button. Start typing System Config.


Click on System Configuration from the search list.image

On Vista and XP, press Windows button and R to open the RUN dialogbox, type MSConfig and press enter.

Here are the uses of this tool:
– You can control the start up programs in Startup tab, Services in Services tab.
– On Boot tab, you can control the Boot.ini file and this is for more advanced users
– When your computer is unstable because of driver or program, take a look at General Tab. You can boot into Diagnostic Startup or  Selectic Startup to troubleshoot the issue

How many of you already know you can list and launch all the system tools in one place? It’s System Configuration (or MSConfig). Check out the Tools tab.


Windows 7: Sticky Notes

Somebody in Windows team impressed with Tomboy Notes (Linux) application or PNotes (Windows) application. They decided to add this to Windows 7. If you have touch screen, you can write down information on the notes for quick jot down. These sticky notes are really simple has only two buttons on the top (Close and Add new notes).

If you have Windows 7, you can check this out by clicking Windows Orb button and select “Sticky Notes”.



I am using PNotes in my XP Laptop for a while and I am addicted to it. PNotes is free and you can get it here. It has all the bells and whistles you would expect. You can download it by clicking the image below:


Freeware: xB Browser. Who wants to browse anonymously? Sometimes I do.

The main advantage compared to other anonymous web browsers is that xB Browser requires no configuration or technical knowledge in order to achieve anonymity. xB Browser is open-source so you can feel safe knowing what goes into our code. Additionally, it is even portable on a USB stick so you can take it to work, school, or on vacation.

When you run xB Browser first time, select “Tor” for free anonymous access. It’s still little slow but it works. Other notable information, it’s based on Firefox browser.

Download it here: image

Vista Wallpaper Pack

These pictures owner (Hamand Darwish)’s own words,

My Windows Vista Desktop Wallpaper Pack is a collection of the images I have taken under contract with Microsoft, in early 2006, during the Windows Vista photo-shoot. Two of the images in the pack are included in Windows Vista’s installation disk, while the rest just didn’t make the cut. You can download my High Resolution Windows Vista Desktop Wallpaper Pack

Download from here:

Hamad Darwish wallpapers