Outlook 2013 (&2010): Pictures in Signature–How to?

In Outlook 2013 (& 2010) if you paste or insert an picture (e.g., Logo) in Signature Editor, it is not resizable. You are stuck and not able to do a correct sized picture in Logo. But No worries. There is an very simple trick that you can make the signature however you want.

  • Click New E-mail in Outlook 2013 (or 2010)
  • Type and insert the picture and make the signature that way you want.


  • Now Copy the whole thing in the compose window.
  • Click Insert –> Signature –> Signatures..
  • Click New and type a name, click OK.
  • Paste the copied signature

That’s it. Enjoy. Smile

Windows 8: All installed Applications in one folder like Mac OS X

If you liked how OS X have an Applications folder, you can do that in Windows 8.x also. It’s very easy.

1. Open Explorer

2. Go to a location where you want to create Applications Folder (e.g., Documents)

3. Create a new folder and rename the folder to Applications.{4234d49b-0245-4df3-b780-3893943456e1}

4. That’s all. Open the Applications folder, you will see all installed applications on your computer including Metro apps.