Windows 8.1: Photo Slide Show on your Lock Screen

When you lock your Windows 8.1 computer/tablet, it shows the your default logon screen picture. You can enable photo slide show on your lock screen. To do this, make sure you have some photos or picture readily available on your Pictures folders (or anywhere on the computer hard disk).

  • Open PC Settings (Move your mouse cursor to bottom-right corner, click settings (gear icon) on the charms bar and click Change PC Settings)
  • Click on PC and Devices and them select Lock Screen

  • Turn ON the slider for Play a slide show on the lock screen
  • If you photos are in Pictures folder, you are done. If not, Add folder in the list.
  • Click Back button and close PC Settings (Alt-F4 would be quick way).

That’s all. Enjoy your slide show on the lock screen. Smile

Windows 8.1/Windows Server 2012 R2: Task Manager Gadget on your desktop

How about to display CPU,Memory, Disk and Network performance details on your desktop without any third-party software? Windows 8.1 has built-in cool display, gadget like, in Task Manager application.

It looks like this:



With that you can monitor you computer/server performance at a glance. To get this view,

  • Open Task Manager (right lick on task bar and select Task Manager) on your computer or server
  • Go to Performance Tab


  • Double click on one of the graphs on the left side strip

Enjoy the tip. Hope you like it.