Print anything to PDF file for FREE

There is a FREE tool called "CutePDF Writer" which can print (convert) anything into a PDF file.  It installs itself as a printer, so you print any document and select CutePDF as your printer. It will ask you for a PDF file name and location. It works very well my Vista system as well as XP machines.

I usually save some web pages (like purchase confirmation, review for later, etc.,) in XPS format. In Vista, you can print in XPS format which saved in a file (searchable via Desktop Search). But some people likes PDF format. Click on the link in above paragraph to install CutePDF writer.

Auto Play : Know how to change the defaults when insert a DVD or connect a USB hard drive

"Auto Play" means what your operating system should do when you insert  CD or DVD or USB hard drive. When you insert a DVD movie, Windows Media Player automatically opens and plays the movie.

I was pissed off when Windows Media Player opened automatically and played when I inserted a DVD. I wanted to play the movie using WinDVD program. I changed my Auto Play for "DVD Movie" and "Enhanced DVD Movie" settings as below.

This tip is to show you how to change the "Auto Play" defaults.

1. Click Start Orb Button and type "Auto Play". Press Enter.  ( you can also go to Control Panel and open "Auto Play")


2. Change the setting by select the actions in the drop/down menu.

3. Don’t forget to click "Save".

Delete the Internet Cache when closing Internet Explorer every time

How many time do you clean your IE cache? Never, huh! You should start purging the cache once in a while for so many reasons.  But it takes many steps and mouse clicks to do the task. Never fear…there is automatic way to clean the cache folder when you closing the Internet Explorer every time.

1. Click Start Orb and type Internet Options. Press Enter. (or you can go to Control Panel and open Internet Options. OR Open IE and click Tools –> Internet Options)


2. Open the "Advanced" tab and scroll down to "Security Section"

3. Check "Empty Temporary Internet Files folder when browser is closing"

4. Click OK and you are done.