Dream scenes in Windows 7

Vista Ultimate had Dream Scene (elite) feature and enjoyed by some. The whole point of dream scene is run a Video as a wallpaper, but not to kill the processor. Now you can enjoy this on any version of Windows 7. 

Check out a Sample Dream Scene below.

Get the DreamScene enabler here: Windows7-DreamScene-Enable.exe

Dream Scene Galleries:





Rotate Wallpapers and refresh new Wallpapers automatically – Wallpaper Juggler

If you haven’t already noticed Windows 7 has the feature to change Wallpapers in specified time from specified folder with your pictures. Check here.

Now how about download new Wallpapers automatically from InterfaceLift And/Or WallPaperStock. And rotate the wallpapers automatically just like Windows 7 feature.

Interested?? Check out Wallpaper Juggler


Checking Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, GMail and others in Outlook, no POP3/IMAP required

I know most companies don’t allow POP3 or IMAP access to/from Internet on the corporate network. So how do you check your personal emails at office? Most friends I know they check their emails in Internet Browser.

If you are THAT person, here is a cool tip for you. Add a Outlook folder and set the website address. It looks like this:

image Interested more. Follow the steps below setup the folder that shows mails in web form.

  1. Create a Outlook folder anywhere you like on your Mailbox. Make sure name the folder accordingly like “Yahoo! Mail”
  2. Right click on the folder you created and select Properties
  3. Click “Home Page” tab
  4. Type the Email logon page or email page. e.g., http://mail.live.com, http://www.gmail.com
  5. Make sure “Show home page by default for this folder” check box is selected. If it is grayed out, click Apply button after you typing the web page address and then check box will be enabled.


6. Click OK and click on the folder.

You have to type the username and password. If you have option to save the username/password option, choose it.


Enjoy. smile_wink