iPhone: Download photos/vidoes to Windows 10 computer

Usually you can connect iPhone to your Windows 10 computer with the USB cable and download the photots/videos using File Explorer.

But you may get into this issue. After connect the iPhone to Windows 10 computer you may get this error when trying to download the media content.

“Something went wrong. Your files might not have been imported”

Most likely the issue is Apple’s stupid ideas of what we need. iPhone will try to convert the Video or Photo before it can transfer to other computer (or AirDrop to other iPhone or Mac computer). Windows 10 computer cannot wait till iPhone converts the Video file. It times out and you get this error.

FIX: Super simple fix is

  • Remove the USB cable from iPhone
  • Go to iPhone settings
  • Scroll down to Photos and open it
  • Scroll down in Photos settings to find “Transfer to Mac or PC” setting
  • It is bydefault set to “Automatic” (means freaking convert the Video file for transfer). Set this setting to Keep Originals

Now try reconnecting the USB cable back to Windows 10 computers, try download the Photos/Videos using File Explorer or Photos app.

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